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Canada   Canada

Advance Electronics

(204) 786-6541
1300 Portage Avenue, Winnipeg
Manitoba, R3G 0V1

Allied Electronics, Inc.

+1 (866) 433-5722
7151 Jack Newell Blvd. S., Fort Worth
Texas, 76118
Australia   Australia

Computer Alliance Pty Ltd.

07 3421 3200
1517 Logan Road, Mt Gravatt
Queensland, 4122
Products: RiData; Kyocera; ASRock; Brother; Aywun...

Custom Cable

020 8942 9124
35 High Street, New Malden
Surrey, KT3 4BY
Products: L'Art du Son; Grado; Klipsch; Q2; Arcam...

Newtek Supply

(805) 306-0472
1875 Angus Avenue, Simi Valley
California, 93063


(800) 847-5629
2200 Wheless Lane, Austin
Texas, 78723

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Discovery Hifi
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Oceanic Distribution
Oceanic Distribution
Oceanic Distribution are the distributors of a range of quality audio visual products specifically targeted at the custom installation and high end markets.